Wake of Leaves

by Trevor

We are pleased and excited to offer Wake of Leaves by Clint Campbell. Wake of Leaves is grounded yet hallucinatory, reveling in the world, but looking past it.

Poetry by Clint Campbell
Price: $5.00
Shipping: Free

5.5″  x 8.5″ Chapbook
40 pages.
Cover art by: Alex Case
Chapbook design by: Trevor Calvert


…and for your reading pleasure…

Alonescape Against Drift

count: skin of wolf or of coyote

dripping shag of cold winter fox

half-masked bobcat, golden cougar, those skins

one has the look of starvation

another, howling lonely disease

small skins overstuffed, glowing with fear

at the cabinet

without stitch, without button

perhaps a sharp jut of bone

maybe a gleam of vague translucence

of spider-work under

these veins trailing life

sloppy coated scavenger

mind set sharply, needing a meal

wanting another after

if you live to know next winter

will you recall the bleak past

lost in a whiteout, hunting what’s already dead