Null Set

Spooky Actions is pleased to announce Null Set by Steven Seidenberg.

Art by Sarah Hobstetter

Art by Sarah Hobstetter


Poetry by Steven Seidenberg
Price $9.00 (shipping included)
5.5″ x 8.5″ 3-signature, hand-stitched
locally printed in Oakland, CA
60 pages.

Cover art by Sarah Hobstetter

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…and now for your reading pleasure…

Petitio principii

What shall I take
but what does not take me back?
What shall I grieve
but what kills me for the bolus
of my tongue cut out?
What shall I buy
but your silence, your deliverance
to the wine-dark wake­­—


About the author

Photo credit: Kevin Killian

Photo credit: Kevin Killian

Steven Seidenberg is a San Francisco based writer and artist. His book of lyric, philosophical prose, Itch, was released from RAW ArT Press in January 2014. He is the author of three chapbooks of poetry, including Songs of Surrender (Gummi-Geliebter Verlab, 2013), and most recently, Null Set from Spooky Actions Books. He is co-editor of the poetry journal pallaksch.pallaksch.