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Null Set

Spooky Actions is pleased to announce Null Set by Steven Seidenberg.

Art by Sarah Hobstetter

Art by Sarah Hobstetter


Poetry by Steven Seidenberg
Price $9.00 (shipping included)
5.5″ x 8.5″ 3-signature, hand-stitched
locally printed in Oakland, CA
60 pages.

Cover art by Sarah Hobstetter

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Petitio principii

What shall I take
but what does not take me back?
What shall I grieve
but what kills me for the bolus
of my tongue cut out?
What shall I buy
but your silence, your deliverance
to the wine-dark wake­­—


About the author

Photo credit: Kevin Killian

Photo credit: Kevin Killian

Steven Seidenberg is a San Francisco based writer and artist. His book of lyric, philosophical prose, Itch, was released from RAW ArT Press in January 2014. He is the author of three chapbooks of poetry, including Songs of Surrender (Gummi-Geliebter Verlab, 2013), and most recently, Null Set from Spooky Actions Books. He is co-editor of the poetry journal pallaksch.pallaksch.


Spooky Actions is pleased to announce yolotl by Lourdes Figueroa.


Poetry by Lourdes Figueroa
Price $8.00
5.5″  x 8.5″ Chapbook
48 pages.

Cover art by Hanae Rivera

“The language in yolotl […] glistens as viscerally as an organ in the body.” ~ Jenny Drai / StitchedStapledBound.

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…and now for your reading pleasure…

nahua girl   born on the fence   of iron    and rust     nahua girl born   on the center  of the vagus    there is coal     in your mouth    as we wonder   across    the forest    they have told us    that there is    gold and silver    in the heart     of the tree      but we dig    underneath   the tunnel    of the volcano    to find a jugular vein     with  a mouth    there it spits out    fields  of the    sugar cane   nahua girl brew    the agave    the galleon  sits amidst    she calls it occidental   there are oceans between us     as we learn     to swallow     bourbon    there were    hundreds  of chicotazos    on her    back    nahua girl    your skin is     changing     it glistens    under the five moons     under the five suns    we have    arrived     the cotton fields    have made them    golden      we are     ancient     in our song     nahua    girl

About the author

Lourdes FigueroaLourdes Figueroa was born in Yuba City, California during one of the trips her parents made from Mexico to the USA when they worked in the campo tilling the soil for tomatoes. She grew up in the betweens of everything not from here and not from over there. She is a native of limbo nation. Lourdes is a proud 2009 and  2011 VONA alum.  Some of her work has been published in the SF Poet’s 11 2008 & 2010, an Anthology of poems selected by Jack Hirschman, and also in Generations: a journal of ideas and images. She recently received her MFA in Creative Writing focusing in poetry at the University of San Francisco. She currently works as an interpreter, translator, and advocate. Lourdes believes in your lung, your throat, your tongue.

Wake of Leaves

We are pleased and excited to offer Wake of Leaves by Clint Campbell. Wake of Leaves is grounded yet hallucinatory, reveling in the world, but looking past it.

Poetry by Clint Campbell
Price: $5.00
Shipping: Free

5.5″  x 8.5″ Chapbook
40 pages.
Cover art by: Alex Case
Chapbook design by: Trevor Calvert


…and for your reading pleasure…

Alonescape Against Drift

count: skin of wolf or of coyote

dripping shag of cold winter fox

half-masked bobcat, golden cougar, those skins

one has the look of starvation

another, howling lonely disease

small skins overstuffed, glowing with fear

at the cabinet

without stitch, without button

perhaps a sharp jut of bone

maybe a gleam of vague translucence

of spider-work under

these veins trailing life

sloppy coated scavenger

mind set sharply, needing a meal

wanting another after

if you live to know next winter

will you recall the bleak past

lost in a whiteout, hunting what’s already dead